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New Feature to Keep Potential Customers on Your Website

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Video SpokespersonMost websites are directional media, which means your potential customers are searching for a product or service that they need immediately or they are researching because they know they will need the service or product soon.

Our objective is for potential customers to find your website and then continue reading, view your other website pages and then telephone or email you.

Unfortunately, about 50% of searchers do not really like to read. They are visual, which is another reason why we add relevant pictures to websites. We have been searching for a tool to entice the searcher to STOP & LISTEN and not jump to the next website. Until recently, a standard video has been the only non-text visual method.

To overcome the shortfall of those people not staying on the site long enough, we have partnered with a firm that provides professional actors (female and male) who appear to walk on your website and in 150 words explain why the searcher should stay on your website and call you. We recently added this feature to our website. Please, take a moment and let us know what you think of this change for our website,

We added a page on our website that describes the “walk on video” features and we show other businesses using this feature, www.lonewolf-ims-com/services.

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