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Website Design

Lone Wolf – IMS does not use templates when creating websites. We have some of the best web designers in Southern California. Our artists have a minimum of seven years experience in the industry, while continuously learning and applying new techniques to their work.

All of our web site design packages are flexable so you get what you need now and can easily upgrade as your businesses needs change. We bill you monthly and do not charge a set up fee like most web site designers, so your out-of-pocket expenses are very manageable.

Purchase of Domain Name

The first step in getting your website design process started is to secure your domain name. Lone Wolf – IMS will purchase your name immediately and take care of renewing it for you on an annual basis.

Website Optimization

Some companies may want to charge an additional fee for what they call “website optimization”. Most of our competitor’s charge as much as $400 to prepare your website for search engine placement. What a lot of people don’t realize is that they are paying an additional fee for a service which is actually part of the website design process. That is why we tell you this up front, and of course include it in all of our packages. When designing your webpage, you must specifically design it to rank high in the Search Engines. This involves much more than just including META tags. Your Keywords, Title, Image Alt text, Text and overall design, all play an important role in determining how your website will rank. If your site doesn’t rank in the top 10 or 20 results when doing a keyword search at the Search Engines, your target audience won’t be able to find you.

Search Engine Submission

At Lone Wolf – IMS, we submit your website to hundreds of major search engines on a quarterly basis. Including Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo, Ask, and The Open Directory to name a few.


Another key feature of our website packages includes maintenance. The Internet is an ever changing media, and website design, fonts, and other factors do become outdated, and in order to remain a competing business on the Internet, periodic maintenance to your website is necessary. That is why we include up to 24 updates a year at no additional cost. No other company that we have come across will include maintenance as part of the package. Most of our major competitors want to charge up to $100 an hour to make changes to your website. Remember, we sell our product as a package because we want it to work for you for minimal cost.

Social Media

Social media has been modernized to reach consumers through the internet. Social media has become appealing to big and small businesses. Credible brands are utilizing social media to reach customers and to build or maintain reputation. As social media continue to grow, the ability to reach more consumers globally has also increased.
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